Aketekete Ghana: Flowerpot Basket


This exquisite highly-detailed basket showcases the extraordinary skills of our small group of master weavers. Crafted entirely by hand, it can take more than fifteen days to be completed. Carefully designed and created as a one of a kind basket, this elegant art piece will add allure to any room.

Carefully crafted as one of a kind by Asiibi.

Crafted in Gambibigo, Ghana
Dimensions: 48cm W x 45cm H x 18cm M


*These baskets are handmade and each piece is unique so slight variations may exist in colors, pattern, size, and shape.

AKETEKETE is an ode to the past and to never being forgotten. A connection to nature and its forms. To celebrate culture, origins and stories otherwise lost. We explore the creation of objects that allows one to see, feel, carry, and value part of a place and its people. We admire the beauty of uniqueness, irregularities, and the grace of craft - the expression of ourselves by creating the pieces we dream of.

AKETEKETE designs and creates high-quality jewelry and woven baskets with age-old techniques by supporting artisan communities to make them. We value connecting with creatives to produce modern pieces using traditional techniques while maintaining ethical and fair processes. We promote a transparent process where the artisan is always the main focus of our work.

The design process begins in the communities of our artisans. They share techniques, ideas, and inspiration and explore the process of creation as a team together with the designers. Our artisans are exceptionally talented and committed members of the team. Often we see our products pass through the hands of multiple artisans working in collaboration to deliver the finest final product.