Lubembo: Kikwit Honey


The Kikwit region lies on the Kwilu River in the southwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, tributary of the Kasai River. The local farmers harvest the honey by traditional mechanisms. This is forest honey, hence why it's dark in colour, raw, organic and non-artificially processed.

Other benefits include: lower glucose levels, high levels of antioxidants, probiotics and minerals.

Made in the Democratic Republic of Congo | Non-GMO

Kikwit organic honey
8 oz.

About Lubembo

Women in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are often mistreated and unappreciated despite carrying the emotional and financial load of most households. Entrepreneurship through direct trading is at the forefront of building Congo’s economy, empowering agricultural female farmers, and ultimately building an entire nation because these mothers often pay for their kids' school fees. 

Given the abundance of natural resources in the DRC, the booming agriculture sector as seen in the Kikwit and Bas-Congo region with honey, but not enough local consumers, Lubembo honey bridges that gap by bringing this product to North America. Lubembo will always provide ethically, direct sourced products in order to support workers and local economies while meeting western needs.