Perro Derado - Blanket Roll


Say hello to the Perro Dorado blanket, adorned with playful pups in shades of orange, blue, and yellow (and a spectrum of other colors in between), offering a silly and playful pattern that's perfect for snuggling up with your canine sidekick. This charming throw radiates joy and warmth wherever it's draped, much like a happy-go-lucky dog. Your new blanket comes rolled up with a handmade leather strap, making it ready for any adventure.

Our Animales Collection features a variety of woven creatures, each hoping to bring a little burst of joy to your day. They are big enough for a 2 - 4 person picnic and roll up in thirds for easy transport.

We design these blankets in Berkeley and they are then hand woven in Mexico by our artisan partners. We hand make the leather straps out of vegetable tanned leather that ages nicely with use. Blankets are machine washable on cold gentle cycle, lay flat to dry.


Unfolded: 83" x 51"

Rolled: ~ 16.5" x 6.5"