Rose Goddess Incense Holder


Goddess incense burners stamped with a dry cholla rib to honor the desert southwest. Slab built and fired in an alternate kiln, these incense burners are literally painted by fire and made for stick incense.

Each one is approximately 3.5”/ 4" diameter They are unglazed.

All the colors are obtained from a barrel/pit firing fired on a new or full moon. No two will ever be the same but each one is always unique and beautiful. Rustic, earthy, tones of dusty rose, smokey black and patina like affects. They are all finished with wax to let their colors pop. Truly Stunning! This is an extremely laborious prepping and firing process to achieve these magical colors and hues. Each piece is hand wrapped in combustible materials and precious minerals to achieve these results. Both costly and time consuming but the results are so beautiful. Due to the nature of the handmade, no two pieces are alike. It all are smooth and perfect for holding stick incense.