Los Poblanos: Lavender Cocktail Salt


Los Poblanos Lavender Salt and Lavender Sugar are longtime pantry favorites– and the Campo Bar team has been mixing the two for a signature margarita for years. Now they’ve created a perfectly balanced blend, so you don’t have to.

Salty, with a touch of floral sweetness, this cocktail rimming salt is ready to bring a hint of the lavender fields to your favorite drinks. Our favorite pairings include a Bee’s Kees, Gimlet or a Lemon Drop.

Expert tip: Up your margarita game by adding a touch of lavender. Mix a splash of Lavender Simple Syrup into margarita ingredients, and serve in a chilled glass rimmed with Lavender Cocktail Salts.


Made with sea salt from Mexico

Proudly made in New Mexico

3oz tin