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June 19, 2024

June 23, 2024


Energy Protection and Clearing

Everything is made of energy, including us! As such, we pick up the energy of those around us. If we aren’t regularly practicing good energy hygiene, energy that is not ours, as well as our own energy (in the form of outdated thoughts and beliefs) can accumulate in our bodies, causing all kinds of mental, emotional, and physical problems.

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • Grounding and clearing techniques
  • A variety of tools to help with energetic protection
  • The many ways you can transmute and shift your energy as you go about your life

This workshop is a game changer for anyone who wants to protect themselves energetically, to increase their energetic frequency, and to stand in their own power. As an added bonus, you will have all the tools needed for practicing stellar energetic hygiene, so you can always recognize when you need an energetic clearing and know what to do. If you are an empath, this workshop should be required for getting through life on this planet.




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