Rebekah J: Paths Between Necklace


We take so many different paths throughout the day. From mother, to wife, to employee, to small business owner and all the ones in-between. According to Rebekah , this necklace was created as a reminder that at the end of the day everything comes full circle and, even though I may feel I'm not completely honoring or appreciating each of those paths, I can see that I've done my best which is all I can ask for.

The vertical patterns at the bottom of the circle represent the back and forth between my daily requirements. The main horizontal line representing the linear goal of my day and the half circle on the top reminding me to look at the big picture. The back side includes a dotted meandering "trail" which is where I often can find the peace to look at the big picture and let the minutiae quiet.

 This two-sided necklace layers fantastically with the other pieces in this collection.

Hand carved and lost wax cast in bras. Hangs on a coordinating 14k gold fill box chain.