Earthtonics Calm and Replenish Facial Oil


A blend of breathable plant lipids infused with soothing flowers and herbal essences. Formulated to sink deep, restore luster and increase elasticity.

– Deeply conditions dry skin and prevents moisture loss.
– Soothes redness + irritation.
– Featherlight after feel, no greasy residue.

Size: 30ml

The Calm and Replenish Facial Oil is a nutritious blend of cold-pressed oils that sinks in effortlessly, transforming dull and dry complexions. Lightweight, yet deeply nourishing. Protective, yet breathable. This formula helps prevent water from evaporating from the skin in dry climates.

It soothes redness with an infusion of healing meadow flowers-- calendula, blue tansy, chamomile and more. The stunning and subtle aroma evokes a sense of calm + slowness, bringing peaceful perspective. A nourishing tonic to bring softness and balance to any skin type.

“This tonic was carefully concocted from oils with a small molecular structure. This ensures the treatment is lightweight and breathable and sinks deep into the skin. It merges with the skin’s natural lipids to actually balance oil production. Skin thrives!” - Daron, founder + Formulator

Ingredients: Kukui Nut Oil*, Olive Oil*, Calendula*, Rosemary*, Vitamin E (Non-GMO, from Sunflowers), Blue Tansy*, Roman Chamomile*, Lavender*, Rosewood*  | *Indicates Certified Organic

Directions: Apply a few drops of facial oil as a daily moisturizer, alone or layered as a final step over the Immortelle Mushroom Milk  and/or Repair Cream Concentrate to deeply nourish and prevent water loss.

For those with naturally dewier skin, simply apply a bit less, or cocktail the facial oil with a spritz of Botanical Toning Mist in the palm of your hand, pressing the mixture into skin for a featherlight application.