Earthtonics Honey and Bamboo Facial Scrub


A luxurious facial treatment to gently plump and smooth, while saturating skin in moisturizing honey and brightening herbs.

– Exfoliate, then set as a mask for soft, clear, vibrant skin.
– Natural prebiotics feed skin’s microbiome for optimal health.
– Known lovingly as our “facial-in-a-jar” for the instant, glowing results.

Size: 50ml

An exfoliating formula to revive dull, lackluster complexions. Our Honey and Bamboo Facial Scrub saturates skin in creamy, herb-infused honey, rich in prebiotics to support the skin’s microbiome. Tiny bamboo spheres offer the perfect exfoliation, delivering minerals and silica to clarify and smooth skin texture. Infused with healing flowers and herbs to nourish, boost regeneration and support elasticity. Skin emerges silken and glowing.

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Bamboo Coconut Oil*, Mango Butter*, Rose Geranium*, Beeswax, Vegetal Wax, Wild Yam*, Chaga Mushroom*, Hickory*, Grain Alcohol*, Vetiver*, Vanilla*, Ylang Ylang* | *Indicates Certified Organic


Apply to wet skin, beginning with a dime-sized dollop in the palm of your hand. Emulsify between your palms, adding a little water or Botanical Toning Mist for slip depending on your preferences.

Massage into the face, neck and décolleté in light circular motions.

Then allow the formula to cocoon skin for up to 20 minutes.

Rinse and follow with Botanical Toning Mist, and follow with a facial oil, mylk or repair creme.

I love to apply this treatment before I get in the shower. It’s amazing on the face, and just as amazing on the chest, shoulders and upper back. The steam activates the enzyme-rich formula, and helps bind moisture to the skin. Rinsing it off is effortless.” - Daron Hope, founder + formulator

For delicate or mature skin, begin with a weekly or biweekly ritual, and adjust your frequency as needed.

Thicker, adolescent, or breakout-prone skin may benefit from gentle daily usage, but begin with 3 times weekly and work into what feels right for your skin.