Earthtonics Repair Creme Concentrate


A potent, deeply nourishing moisturizer to restore parched, damaged and lackluster skin to radiant health with a regenerative herbal complex.

Soothes sun-damage and strengthens compromised skin.
– Softens scarring and discoloring.
Antibacterial herbs clarify breakout-prone skin.

Size: 50 ml

A nutrient-dense healing powerhouse beloved for it’s earthy scent, luxurious texture and restorative properties. This deeply moisturizing tonic heals sun-damaged, slack and traumatized skin. Reparative herbs soothe burns and stimulate skin cell turnover to regenerate plump, healthy skin.

*Please Note: This product ranges in color (from green to gold) due to the natural variations in color of the raw organic Tamanu Oil. This does not affect the efficacy of the formula.

“This tonic serves those at the intersection where skin needs both moisture and clarifying. Tamanu Oil, our hero ingredient, delivers deep hydration while clearing and brightening up skin tone. With regular use, the skin's moisture levels are brought to balance and breakouts reduce.” - Daron, founder + formulator

Ingredients: Tamanu Oil*, Chamomile Hydrosol*, Shea Butter*, Meadowfoam Seed Oil*, Plantain*, Calendula*, Olive Oil*, Beeswax, Vegetal Wax, Oats*, Grain Alcohol*, Hickory*, Carrot Seed*, Sweet Orange*, Petitgrain*, Ylang Ylang*, Lavender*, Citric Acid  |

*Indicates Certified Organic

Directions: Use daily as a deeply reparative layer in your moisturizing, on the face, neck and decollete (and anywhere on the body where tissue repair is needed). Start with a pea-sized amount for the face and neck. Take a moment to massage the creme into the contours of your face, allowing the treatment to disappear completely into skin.

“First-time users often over-apply... This is a very concentrated potion-- a little goes a long way!” - Daron, founder + formulator