K/ller Collection: Limited Edition Chlorite with Hermatite Brass Necklace


Hand cast brass faceted crystal cap with limited edition Chlorite with Hematite Included diamantina laser wand on 29.5" blackened brass chain. Pendant in approximately 2 1/2".

Chlorite and Hematite

If you’re wondering what you can use Chlorite for, it’s a very powerful cleanser and purifier that can cleanse your aura, chakras, and other crystals as well. Chlorite will help you release your emotional wounds, whether old or fresh.

It will disperse the negative energies that cause you to feel negative emotions and think negative thoughts. This will result in a clearer way for you to manifest what you want, helping you to truly thrive. It will allow you to connect to the high vibrations of your spiritual guides. It will also bring a heightened sense of awareness so that you can achieve an enlightened view of life. This crystal will show you the beauty of change and help you embrace change so that you can be a better version of yourself. It will also surround you with protective energy that will make you feel safe in your own skin and in your environment. Chlorite can also be used to deflect psychic attacks and release dark spells and curses. With the help of this crystal, there will be no dark energies that will exist in your life.

Please note all crystals are natural and will vary in size and shape.

Handmade in the USA.