Poppy Incense Holder


The Poppy flower symbolising hope and peace feels very fitting for an incense dish design. With a delicate petalled edge our Poppy incense holder is equally at home in living spaces and yoga studios. Handmade in northern India from 100% sheet iron, the Poppy incense dish is crafted using the age-old techniques of the traditional metalsmith. The burning of incense has been practised over many centuries and is full of symbolic and ritualistic meaning. A feature of religious and spiritual ceremonies worldwide, aromatic herbs, resins, flowers, oils and woods are burnt to allow the fragrant smoke to clear negative energy, mask unpleasant odours and aid meditation, opening up a pathway to the divine. We always favour using a natural, handcrafted incense for purity of experience.
Ethically Handmade in India
100% Iron | Antique Finish
Dimensions: 2.76"H x .8"D
Wipe clean or if washing dry thoroughly to avoid corrosion
Not dishwasher safe