VEQ Ceramics: Tierra Vessel


The Tierra Vessel, with symbols of awakening, rebirth, connection and ascension. The spikes you often see on Mexican pottery are symbols of the Ceiba (or kapok) tree, which is full of thorns. This was the most sacred tree to the Aztec, Maya and other pre Colombian Mesoamerican cultures, and represented the connection between Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. The buttressed roots, extending in the four directions were thought to reach the underworld, while the tall trunk represented the middleworld, and the large canopy, its connection to the stars and gods. The vines that hung from the branches were believed to connect souls to the heavens. This beautiful tree is among the tallest in the tropical forest and is symbolically important to so many cultures!

Per Vanessa of VEQ Ceramics "We have a sprawling, massively gigantic magnolia tree near our house that must be ancient, and every time I pass it, I say “hello, grandmother tree,” and I ask it for blessings. I love trees, regardless of their symbolic history, and I deeply appreciate their special magic."

The ancient symbology of the snake is also incredibly rich, symbolizing health, regeneration, awakening and grounding, among many other wondrous things.

Dimensions: Approx. 10.5"H x 6"D