Vita Grow Light for Plants


Vita is an LED grow bulb that supports the growth of your plants with its highly precise photosynthetic spectrum while illuminating your space with brilliant, warm white ambient light.

At the heart of the new Vita bulb is a heat sink ingeniously shaped like plant roots. This unique feature isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it symbolizes Soltech's commitment to bring the essence of nature into your indoor gardening.

Simply screw it into any traditional light fixture to give your plants the light and life they deserve.

Vitas are compatible with a dimmable wall switch, AC adapter, smart plug, and most other dimmable technology. Dimmer not included.

Narrow (36°) Beam Angle – Recommended hanging height of 24″ – 84″ above your plants. Great for plants farther than 3ft away from the light (e.g. recessed can lighting, pendant style lighting applications)