Earthtonics Botanical Toning Mist



A hydrating blend of pure aromatic hydrosols + plant extracts to balance skin's pH and provide a boost of liquid nutrients.

– Illuminates skin, even over makeup.
– Enhances moisture levels and soothes inflammation.
– Provides potent antioxidants from fruit, flowers, and ‘shrooms.

Size: 100ml

The Botanical Mist quenches thirsty skin with a blast of liquid nutrition. It restores proper pH, enhancing product penetration of moisture tonics to follow. As a finishing mist, it creates a dewy, luminous glow and seamlessly sets makeup.

I wrote this recipe as a self-love potion, many years ago. As the droplets kiss my skin, I’m transported to summers spent at waterfalls after hiking blossoming hills. It is my reminder to stop, to breathe, to receive all the blessings life has to offer.” - Daron, founder + formulator

Our Botanical Toning Mist is made from pure hydrosols-- the water essence released from herbs and flowers during the alchemical process of distillation. A hydrosol is the plant’s essence, imbued with a complete spectrum of therapeutic properties. These waters are potently healing, yet incredibly gentle. We infuse this formula with an herbal cocktail, rich in nutrients and antioxidants to support skin vitality in stressful and polluted environments.

Ingredients: Orange Blossom*, Rose*, Holy Basil*, Hickory*, Bilberry Extract*, Chaga Mushroom Extract*, Vodka (from surplus apples and potatoes, dilute amount used to deliver botanical extracts)*  | *Indicates Certified Organic


As a balancing booster...

Mist skin generously after cleansing and between layers of moisturizing tonics to balance pH and enhance delivery of water-soluble nutrients.

As a finishing mist…

Sets makeup and reveals a glowing, dewy finish.

Soothe and protect...

Refresh skin in polluted city environments to fight free radicals and calm inflammation.

Cool hot flashes…

Chill your toning mist in the fridge, then spritz the face, nape of the neck, and backs of the knees to quell hot flashes. Take 6 deep inhale and exhales.